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Kela ­­– By your side in times of change

Kieliversiot | 4.12.2023
Many people will contact Kela when they are about to begin their studies or graduate, or are about to move into their own home.
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Have you just graduated and don’t have a job?  

  1. Kela is by your side when you have graduated but haven’t yet found a job. You can register as an unemployed jobseeker with TE services and apply for support from Kela.  
    Read our tips on unemployment.  
  1. Once you have registered as a jobseeker with TE services, the next step is to find out whether you need to apply for unemployment benefit from Kela or from an unemployment fund. If you are unemployed, you may also be eligible for social assistance. Read our tips for the newly unemployed. 
  1. Did you know that you can work part-time and receive an adjusted unemployment benefit at the same time? The amount of assistance depends on how much you earn from your job or your business. Read 6 facts about adjusted unemployment benefit. 
  1. If you took out a student loan during your studies, Kela may pay part of your student loan. You do not usually need to apply for student loan compensation separately, as Kela makes this decision automatically. Learn more about student loan compensation. 
  1. If you have become unemployed or otherwise have a low income after graduation, interest assistance can make everyday life easier. Interest assistance means that Kela pays all of the interest due on your government-guaranteed student loan in full. Read more about interest assistance. 

Have you been accepted to study at a college or university? Congratulations!  

Kela is by your side when you’re about to begin studying and living independently.   

  1. As a student, you can receive student financial aid and housing allowance from Kela. The easiest way to apply for these is through the OmaKela e-service, where you can also pay the health care fee at the same time.  
    Read how to apply for benefits. Also take a look at our tips on housing allowance for students.  
  1. Moving into shared housing? Many students end up living together because sharing housing helps to keep costs down. 
    Read our tips on how to apply for general housing allowance for a shared apartment.  

When things don’t go to plan, rehabilitation may help you find a new direction in life 

Kela is by your side even during tough times when you need rehabilitation to get back on track. Find out more about Kela rehabilitation services to find the best form of support for you. 

Read our customer testimonials about Kela rehabilitation: 

  1. The road to recovery  
  1. Burnout can happen at any age – The Oras course can help you to find new ways to cope at work 
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