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Changes to Kela benefits in 2022

Kieliversiot | 30.12.2021
A number of legislative changes will take effect at the beginning of 2022 which will affect Kela benefits. See below how the benefits for families with children, students, unemployed persons and pensioners will change. There will also be some changes to sickness benefits.
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  1. The phone numbers for booking a Kela taxi will change. As of 1 January 2022, each region will have two service providers from which customers can book taxi rides reimbursed by Kela. Customers can choose from which one to book their taxi. Check the new booking numbers here.
    Kela will continue to provide reimbursement for travel costs arising from getting a COVID-19 vaccination. The reimbursements will be available until 30 June 2022. The costs of travel to a COVID-19 testing site can be reimbursed as well. More information about the reimbursement of travel costs.
  2. Families with children. A family leave reform will go into effect in August 2022. It will bring changes in the duration and timing of parental allowances and the rules for sharing them between the parents. The new family leave provisions apply to families where the estimated due date of the baby is 4 September 2022 or later. Child care allowances will be increased at the turn of the year. The new rate for one child under three will be EUR 350.27 per month. More information about benefits for families with children.
  3. Students. The income limits as regards student financial aid will be raised by a quarter for 2022. Students who get financial aid for nine months can earn up to EUR 15,630. Study grants will be increased by 2.1% on 1 August 2022. More information about benefits for students.
  4. Unemployed persons. A new model for employment services will be introduced at the beginning of May 2022. Immediately after losing their job, jobseekers get together with a specialist from the TE Services or the municipality to draw up an employment plan . The plan requires jobseekers to complete at least four job applications each month. Waiting periods will be shortened under the new model. The daily amounts of basic unemployment allowances and labour market subsidies are increased by EUR 0.72 to EUR 35.40 per day. More information about benefits for the unemployed.
  5. Surviving spouses. Starting in 2022, also cohabiting partners will be eligible for a spouse’s pension if they lived with their deceased partner for a consecutive period of at least five years and have a minor child with the deceased. For younger widows and widowers, spouse’s pension will be payable for a specified period only. The new rules apply to situations where the deceased spouse passed away in 2022 or thereafter. More information about survivors’ pensions.
  6. Pensioners. National pensions and guarantee pensions are index adjusted upwards by 2.1%. Starting 1 January 2022, the full national pension for persons living alone is EUR 679.50 per month and that of the guarantee pension EUR 855.48 per month. Kela will adjust pensions automatically without application. More information about benefits for pensioners.
  7. Sickness benefits. The annual limit on out-of-pocket prescription medicine costs is increased by EUR 12.38 to EUR 592.16. Additional measures are introduced for the assessment of rehabilitation needs among those with a long duration of sickness allowance payment. Kela will assess a customer’s need for rehabilitation once they have been paid sickness allowance for 60, 150 and 230 days. The minimum amount of sickness, rehabilitation and special care allowances is increased by EUR 0.62 per day. More information about sickness benefits.
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