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Have you been placed in quarantine?

Kieliversiot | 18.12.2020
You may be eligible for an infectious disease allowance. Learn more about the infectious disease allowance in our info sheet.
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What are the requirements to qualify for an infectious disease allowance?

You could qualify for an infectious disease allowance if you have been ordered to go into formal quarantine and cannot work. Additionally, you must be covered by the Finnish social security system.

Formal quarantine means that the decision to quarantine is made by a doctor responsible for infectious disease control. You may be placed in quarantine even if you don’t show any symptoms. Self-quarantining may be recommended for example if you have been tested for coronavirus and are waiting for your results. The infectious disease allowance is not available during self-quarantine.

While in quarantine or self-quarantine, avoid all contacts outside the home. You can handle your Kela-related affairs online or by phone. When you call us by phone, you can get personal advice and can conduct your business just as if you were visiting a customer service point. It is also possible to book an appointment for service by phone.

How much is the infectious disease allowance?

The infectious disease allowance is equal to the salary you would have been paid if you had been able to go to work.

If you are self-employed, your allowance will be calculated on the basis of your YEL (Self-Employed Persons) or MYEL (Farmers) insurance. The amount per day is calculated by dividing by 300 your annual income under the YEL or MYEL scheme as of the first day of the allowance.

If you think that you could be eligible, apply for the infectious disease allowance online or complete the relevant Kela application form.

Consult our info sheet to check your eligibility

Laid out in table format, the info sheet tells you when you could be eligible for an infectious disease allowance.

It is available in the following ten languages:

Click the link above to print out the PDF info sheet for personal reference or to hand out to your clients. You’re welcome to share the link with your contacts.

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